Health and Safety

Concessions business division wants all its professionals to be and feel safe at work and to be aware of the importance and responsibility of applying all the necessary preventive measures when working.

 This is why it considers Health and Safety to be one of the most important variables to be taken into account in its management model. 

The area of Concessions projects itself as a standard-bearer of the new paradigm shift and provides a new order of things to civil society in general, leading to the consolidation of a new risk prevention culture, as is borne out in its leadership programmes, in the safety of its workers based on mode of operation, in its high safety standards, in economy of documentation and in efficiency, making simplification the company’s management value.  

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Energy Efficiency

ACCIONA Concessions is aware of the need to establish models of energy consumption based on efficiency in order to fight against the Climate Change and to protect the environment.

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