ACCIONA is fully aware of the global framework within which its activity is classified, which is why our company is directly involved in the challenges that have to be faced today

ACCIONA promotes a business model that seeks to anticipate and responsibly manage these challenges through our Sustainability Management Plan, based on social progress, economic growth and environmental equilibrium.  

Each project undertaken by Concessions business division is developed bearing in mind social, economic and environmental aspects. We work on the basis of a global sustainability criterion always endeavouring to improve our services and protect the environment.

The projects below are a case in point:      

  • Hospital Infanta Sofía: Accredited by the Breeam In-Use Certificate, an international method of evaluation and certification of a building’s sustainability. And it is the only hospital in Spain to have obtained this certification and one of the few in the world.                 
  • Autovía A2-Tramo2: Application of mycorrhizal fungi to improve road slope stabilisation and the re-establishment of roadside vegetation.
  • Rodovia BR-393: A Collaboration Agreement with the Dpt. of Biological Sciences of the Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz (Universidad de São Paulo) for the study of the roadside vegetation of this infrastructure.            

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Health and Safety

ACCIONA Concessions considers Health and Safety to be one of the most important variables to be taken into account in its management model. 

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