Motorway A-66 Section: Benavente-Zamora

    Construction, maintenance and operation of the Autovía de la Plata A-66 motorway A-66 between Benavente and Zamora measuring 49.05 km long.

    The section type has 2 platforms separated by a central reservation of 10.00 metres, with 7.00 m wide carriageways and two lanes measuring 3.50 m each, 1 m inner hard shoulders and 2.50 m outer hard shoulders, with 1.10 m wide shoulders.

    The project is divided into three sections:

    • A-6 (Castrogonzalo) - Santovenia del Esla

    This section is 14.39 km long and the following elements are worth noting: a viaduct over the Arroyo de Prado Ramiro of 145 m long, 16 level crossings and three junctions

    • Santovenia del Esla - Fontanillas de Castro

    This section is 17.76 km long and the following elements stand out: 5 level crossings, a service area, half-way through the section, with its corresponding slip roads and three junctions

    • Fontanillas de Castro - Zamora

    This section is 16.90 km long and the following elements are worth noting: the viaduct over the Ricobayo dam, 240 m long, 5 level crossings, one service area and two junctions.

    General Information

    Castilla y León, Spain
    Contract type
    Concession until 2042
    Dual carriageway measuring 49.05 km between Benavente and Zamora.
    Year of construction completion

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