Gerediaga-Elorrio Road

    Construction, operation and maintenance of road N-636, Gerediaga-Elorrio Section and operation and maintenance of the already completed section of the Elorrio Relief Road.

    This new infrastructure linking Gerediaga and Elorrio, in Bizkaia, was inaugurated on schedule. It is a toll-free motorway 6.4 kilometres long that will improve road safety, save travel time and increase the competitiveness of the businesses in the area.

    ACCIONA has designed and constructed the road and is responsible for its operation and maintenance for 26 years.

    The motorway will ease traffic and noise in the urban centres of Abadiño, Atxondo and Elorrio, diverting 12,200 vehicles on average, of which 1800 are trucks, travelling along the Durango - Beasain corridor to the motorway. This represents an improvement in terms of reducing noise and polluting emissions.

    The noteworthy elements along the motorway are the Gaztelua tunnel, 1984 m long, eleven viaducts representing a total of 36,000 m2 deck sections, in addition to an overpass, two underpasses and three connections: in Gerediaga with the AP-8, with Abadiño in Muntsaratz at the southern mouth of the tunnel which facilitates connection between the new motorway and the existing N-636 and the Elorrio connection which also connects the motorway to the N-636 and the Elorrio urban district.

    In addition to this newly constructed section, the concession also includes the adaptation of the Elorrio Relief Road, 2.8 km long, to the quality and service standards of the new infrastructure.

    Información general

    Basque Country. Spain
    Contract type
    Construction, operation and maintenance
    Newly constructed section of 6.44 km and existing 2.80 km
    Year of project completion

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