Navarre Canal Irrigation Area

    The Navarre Canal is the largest hydraulic infrastructure in Navarre. It is a concession contract for the construction and operation of phase 1 of the irrigable area of the Navarre Canal, covering a surface area of 26,233 hectares (gross surface under the bid), a drainage length of 344 kilometres, 980 kilometres of roadways and a demand of 90 hm3/year.

    Phase I contract for the Irrigable Area of the Navarre Canal is being developed through a shadow toll mechanism, by means of which the concessionaire is entitled to receive a monthly payment from the Authority for a period of 30 years, as consideration for the use and availability of the facility, which is linked to the quality of the irrigation service provided by the former.

    Water supplied through the canal is sourced from the Itoiz reservoir. This reservoir not only serves the purpose of storing water but also produces electricity. The reservoirs regulating the canal are located in Villareta, Monreal and Artajona. Since the canal is generally more elevated than the lands irrigated by it, the water basically moves due to gravity, making the use of pumping units almost residual.

    The concessionaire provides maintenance and rehabilitation services through a shadow toll payment model. The project has been in operation since 2011.

    General Information

    Navarre, Spain
    Contract type
    44-km long channel, including the construction of 48 km of roads and the installation of an 837-kW pump
    Year of project completion

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