Social infrastructure

    Over a decade of experience in hospital concessions

    The area of Concessions contributes to social well-being by the provision of hospital services, establishing its firm commitment to the financing and management of hospital services under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) formula. This concept includes project development, construction, financing, maintenance and management of non-health services.

    Our mission is to create long-term partnerships with our clients for start-to-finish management of hospital infrastructure projects and our objective is to be a world leader in healthcare infrastructure that includes the design, construction and operation of hospitals that stand out because they are:

    • Accessible, offering users optimum conditions of access to the public health services.
    • Efficient, so that the planned medical activities are viable.
    • Sustainable, designing the facilities so that they maximise energy saving and minimise environmental impact.
    • Innovative, constantly including technological and scientific advances

    Concessions also includes two universities within this area of activity, which represent a further 50,000 m2 of concession.

    Major projects

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