Our strategy

Our strategy consists of developing greenfield (new construction) projects, searching for the best investment opportunities, always with a strong operational approach, seeking to manage them with excellence.

Geographical strategy

  • Analysis of opportunities in new markets that offer a stable regulatory and economic framework (similar to OECD)
  • Global coverage with a presence on five continents and regional teams for Canada and USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific and LatAm

Sector-based strategy

  • Transport infrastructure: highways (including conventional tolls, freeflow and shadow tolls), airports, railways, trams, ports and irrigation; including tunnels and bridges
  • Social infrastructure: healthcare, education and government
  • Different types of projects: Revenue systems based on availability and demand

Investment in greenfield projects

  • Projects in which the construction itself is one of the main risks to manage

One-stop shop

  • Integral execution and management capability of the project (design, construction, financing, operation‚Ķ)

Strong involvement in managing both the offer and the contract

  • World-class partners
  • Significant investment (in the capital and the construction)

Rotation of mature assets (equity recycling)

Move up